Upcoming Crossfit.com competitions for us all

CrossFit Team Series: September 6 - October 10

Grab three teammates and join in the CrossFit Team Series, presented by Compex. Registration begins Tuesday, August 16, at Games.CrossFit.com.

The Team Series puts two-man, two-woman teams through team workouts.

The first batch of workouts will be released September 6. Teams will have until September 12 (six days) to complete the workouts together and submit their scores.

The second batch of workouts will be released October 4. Scores will be due six days later on October 10.

The top 15 overall (Open Division, Rx'd) will receive a chunk of the $151,000 prize purse.

The Team Series is designed to be inclusive, with two versions of each workout (Rx'd and Scaled) offered so to accommodate varying abilities and extra divisions for masters-aged athletes (40+) and teenagers (14-17).

Some gym members competed in the Team Series last year and had a good time.

CrossFit Liftoff: November 3 - 7

Show off your snatch and clean and jerk in the CrossFit Liftoff, powered by Rogue.

In addition to setting your 1-rep-max in each lift, you'll submit a score on a workout that will test your fitness.

There are plenty of ways to earn prizes.

Registration begins October 15 at Games.CrossFit.com.

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